G R O W  Y O U R  O W N. O  U  T  D  O  O  R  S. G  R  E  E  N  H O  U  S  E. S   E  E   D   S. V E G E S      A - C H. V E G E S     C O - P A.. V E G E S     P E - W . S O F T   F  R  U  I  T. T O P   F R U I T. R   E   C   I   P   E   S. S   T   O   R   A   G   E. grow-your-own-fruit-and-vegetables


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While these external links are given in good faith as additional sources of information, no responsibility can be accepted as to their content.

For availability of Allotments in your area, contact your Local Authority.

For answers to some of your questions, and general discussions about allotments, try the Forum at www.Allotments4all.co.uk

Quite a few Webmasters, who run their own gardening information web sites, make regular postings and answer questions on this forum.

Another busy Allotment Forum is at www.Allotment.org.uk   It also has extensive information and link pages to explore.

Garden Organic,  (previously known as HDRA), a registered charity, is at www.gardenorganic.org.uk and has useful information for organic gardening methods. Their seed bank of plant varieties no longer commercially available, contains many interesting varieties such as red flowered broad beans, purple peas etc.

Local Groups of Garden Organic, hold “Potato Days” in the Spring, where it is possible to purchase individual tubers from a huge selection of up to 100 Potato Varieties. “Apple days” are also held in the Autumn in some areas.

For general information on plants, pests, pruning etc. try Royal Horticultural Society at www.rhs.org.uk To help you find useful information on fruit and vegetables, go to http://apps.rhs.org.uk/advicesearch/

Scottish Allotments and Garden Society at www.sags.org.uk  gives general information on Scottish Allotments, and holds occasional talks giving growing advice.

The National Vegetable Society is a charity dedicated to advancing the culture, study and improvement of vegetables, offering help and advice to novice and expert grower alike at http://www.nvsuk.org.uk


The Guardian Life and Style has a section on Resources for Growing Your Own, that includes various online gardening resources at Guardian Life and Style.

The general information web site at www.vegetable-gardens.co.uk has guides for a range of vegetables, a forum as well as some members’ blogs.

The Beechgrove Garden is the well known gardening TV show from Aberdeen on BBC 1 Scotland. It covers some fruit and vegetable growing amongst the flowers. You can search for information on fruit and vegetable growing, by accessing the back catalogue of fact sheets from the year 2000 to 2008 at www.beechgrove.co.uk

For those of you outside the BBC Scotland area, the shows from April to September can sometimes be viewed on the Internet on BBC i Player. Can also be viewed on Sky TV.

An Allotment Holders Site with information on the History of Allotments, and basic information on modern day cultivation of Allotments here

ASK Organic are Scotland’s experts on growing organic produce. Their site has several information leaflets available to download, as well as composting advice and some recipes, all at www.askorganic.co.uk

The Soil Association promotes organic farming, and gives the latest news on “organic” developments at www.soilassociation.org

Glasgow Allotments Forum (GAF) was set up by and is run by plotholders. The meetings are held six times each year and provide the opportunity for plotholders from the different sites across the city to meet, share information and discuss issues related to Allotments. The Glasgow City Council (GCC) Allotments Officer usually attends. The meetings are open to all plotholders and to anyone else with an interest in allotment gardening. For information, visit here