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The Scots are well known for their love of sweet puddings and I am no exception!!

Our family celebration meals were not complete unless there was a choice of several delicious puddings to finish off the proceedings, and you were expected to try them all!!.

Sadly, the high amounts of fat and sugar included in most recipes, makes you feel guilty if you take a second helping of your favourite pudding! Yes, I know only too well that they taste delicious but they are not good for you! Rather than give up on puddings altogether, I decided to modify some of my favourite recipes for a truly healthy choice, rather than the pretend “healthy choice” offered by some Supermarkets, in their so-called healthy ranges. Sometimes these ranges turn out to contain more unhealthy ingredients than their standard ranges.

The secret seems to be to replace a lot of the fat and sugar with increased fruit content, which retains more moisture in the finished pudding. This produces a side effect of a shorter shelf life, particularly from the reduced sugar content.

Reduced shelf life is not a problem in the home environment. Puddings will keep for several days in the fridge if you have not managed to finish them off at the first sitting!

Reduced sugar.

You will soon get used to lower quantities of sugar in puddings, but you can always cheat by adding some artificial sweetener such as “Splenda”.

Reduced total fat, as  well as removal of saturated and hydrogenated fat.

It would seem a tall order but it has proved quite easy for me. The obvious question is why have manufacturers of puddings not done it as well. It is probably due to the increased cost of including much greater fruit content to get the same moistness, and their need for a long shelf life.

Measurements by volume.

In many cases it is quicker and easier to measure the ingredients by volume, rather than by weight. Where appropriate, I have added volume measurements. If you do not have a cup measure, about 250 ml, you can use a small tea cup as an alternative measure.

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