G R O W  Y O U R  O W N. O  U  T  D  O  O  R  S. G  R  E  E  N  H O  U  S  E. S   E  E   D   S. V E G E S      A - C H. V E G E S     C O - P A.. V E G E S     P E - W . S O F T   F  R  U  I  T. T O P   F R U I T. R   E   C   I   P   E   S. S   T   O   R   A   G   E.


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The January Temperature Map shows that the milder conditions extend right up the West Coast, including the Glasgow Area, and are particularly marked on the English South West and the South coasts.

The colder areas extend down the Pennines and the Peak District, into the Midlands, the central and eastern areas of England and into the higher areas of Wales.

The July Temperature Map shows the marked difference in temperature from the North to the South of Britain. It shows why it is so necessary to plant quick maturing crops, anywhere north of  Blackpool to Hull.

The January rainfall map shows an East/West split, with the heavy rainfall to the West, and especially heavy on the hills.

January Average Rainfall July Average Rainfall

The July rainfall map also shows an East / West split of the U.K., though not as marked. Again it is the higher ground in the West that takes the brunt of the rainfall.

The average January hours of sunshine show an East / West split of the U.K., consistent with the rainfall and thus the cloud cover. However, note that there is a reasonable amount of sunshine, up the Eastern coastal fringe of Scotland and the Moray Firth coast.

January Average Sunshine June Average Sunshine

The average June hours of sunshine show a North / South split of the U.K. Both the East and West coastal strips do quite well, (all those days at the seaside!), as well as the Scottish Central Belt. Therefore, these areas have a reasonable chance to ripen crops,  provided that the seeds chosen, have a short number of days to maturity, even though these areas are much cooler than the South.

The number of ground frost days in June show that there is a risk of one or two overnight frosts, anywhere in the U.K. except for the coastal strip, and the London  and  Manchester Areas. Therefore make sure that you have tender crops such as Courgettes, protected when you plant them out at the beginning of June.

June Average Frost Days August Average Thunder days

The number of thunderstorm days show most risk in the South East of England. Plants may get flattened unless protected.


Average January Temperature July Average Temperature